Intelligent Components

Intelligent Mobile Estimating & Bodyshop Operations

Intelligent Mobile Estimating &
Bodyshop Operations

AI-enabled pre-estimation: introducing artificial intelligence into the estimating workflow.

As soon as images are captured with Solera’s patent pending technology, the Intelligent Estimate tool creates a ‘pre-estimate’ for review. The streamlined UI allows staff to easily review, amend, or approve any jobs at the shop or remotely by desk assessors. The status of each job can be seen at-a-glance on the estimating workflow.

Real-time sharing allows the insurer, body repair center, and assessor to see the same information with no lag time.

Up to 50% of claims automatically authorized

Faster approvals, earlier parts ordering & reduced key-to-key times

Estimating costs can be reduced up to 50%

Fewer errors, greater consistency & more focus on complex jobs

The simple design provides access to:

  • All images taken at the time of the accident
  • A contoured overlay which clearly shows the type and size of damage found
  • Full descriptions of the type of damage found
  • An AI confidence score for every damage position
  • The estimated cost of each repair required and a working unit estimate
  • Evidence of any pre-existing damage for comparison
With the Intelligent Estimating workflow, users can decide which cases can be ‘pre-approved’ without the need for assessment based on pre-defined rules and the confidence level of the AI. This “fast track” process permits estimators and assessors to concentrate on more complex cases.

AI-Enabled Manual Amendment and Approval

In addition to the AI pre-estimation, the "human in the loop" feature allows for changes to be made at any stage for any job. Any changes are sent back to the AI as part of the continuous learning cycle, to improve performance.

In instances where the AI confidence level is lower, the software automatically flags the job for a manual check. This flag is available instantly to ensure unnecessary delays to the workflow are avoided.

Along with a physical review of the damage, the pre-estimate content can be added/edited/deleted to ensure there is no delay to the approval and repair process.

AI powered Damage Inspection

Intelligent Mobile Estimating & Bodyshop Operations

  • A new, simple design with ‘one click’ and ‘drag and drop’ functionality
  • Enables auto-approval to agreed parameters, with a "human in the loop" option to review cases when required
  • Fully transparent damage capture: you see what the AI sees
  • Automatically works with agreed-upon parameters between insurer and repair center

What This Means For You

  • Saves up to 50% of estimator and assessor’s time
  • Increases number of touchless auto approvals by 50%
  • Reduces repair cycle time significantly
  • Brings consistency to every repair cost and claim
  • Parts ordering occurs earlier and is faster