What is Solera Data INTELLIGENCE?

Built in cooperation with leading universities and a staff of industry experts in data intelligence and machine learning, Solera's Data Library is the world’s largest repository of vehicle repair data, unrivalled by anything else in the industry.

This powerful resource combines 15 years’ of continuous data collection and an unmatched library of industry knowledge. Utilizing our strong and trusted partnerships with insurers, repairers, OEMs and assessors worldwide, Solera can call upon phenomenal reserves of information to ensure Qapter’s AI operates at the highest degree of accuracy.

Solera's Data

  • 300+ million detailed historical claims and repair records
  • 1.5+ billion images of vehicle damage
  • 1.5+ million new images added every week
  • 99% vehicle coverage
  • Partnered with 60% of the world’s insurance companies
  • Relationships with 140 different vehicle manufacturers
  • Data sourced from 73 countries

harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to Reduce claims cycle time and get customers back on the road quicker